Sunday, March 25, 2018

Easter opening - bring friends for free

Make your Friday good
We'll be running a Boxercise session on Good Friday, 30 March at 9.30am - open to girls 11+ and women of all fitness levels. If you're a regular, bring a friend or relative along for free.

Easter Saturday
K O Circuits at 10am. Treat yourself this Easter and come and try out this 45 minute session if you've never done it before. There are 5-6 stations and you'll spend 3-4 minutes at each, performing a given exercise for 20 seconds on /10 seconds off x 8 times.

We hit bags, do stair runs, abdominal exercises, punch pads, skip and anything else that makes the heart race.

Open to women, men and kids 11+, £5 drop in.
We're inviting regulars to bring friends along for free to this class as well.

Bootcamp Wednesdays - 4 and 11 April

Easter holidays
Due to Bank Holiday Monday on 1 April, and our AJ team trip to London on 9 April, we're going to be holding Bootcamp sessions on the following Wednesdays instead.

Special Edition Bootcamps
 Wed 4 and 11 April - 6.15pm
Photography by Charli
This means there will be no HHH for a coupe of weeks.

Bootcamps are a mixture of punching and other exercises and drills  (usually bodyweight) done in pairs and often to a time challenge.

They are great stress busting workouts, that get your heart pumping and leave you feeling fantastic.

Open to women only, £5 drop in.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

No Half Hour Hits this evening

Please note there is no 6.15 or 6.45pm class this evening - regulars have been informed but if you are thinking of coming for the first time - please wait till next week! Or come along to a Boxercise class on Friday or Circuits on Saturday see timetable for details

Tuesday Training - 7.30pm

Photography by Charli
For the next 3 weeks, we're opening up this training session to anyone who's done their Boxing Awards, Level 1 or above.

We're going to work on a number of skills in the ring, on ropes, with partners and on bags.

A more traditional style training session with options to spar for carded boxers.

Recommended for those doing Level 2, Standard Award in April and anyone who wants to sharpen up their technique and use it.

7.30pm, £5 drop in, till 17 April. Women only, all ages and levels welcome.