Thursday, December 28, 2017

How to make a New Year's resolution last 8 weeks

photography by Charli
In 2018 I am going to...
If being more active or learning a new skill is something high on your list of priorities, our 8 week course for beginners starts in January read more here.

Want more self confidence?
This type of training helps a lot of anxious, shy people become more confident. It's an individual sport that allows you the companionship of other boxers but there's no team pressure to perform.

Boxing training is different to regular gym sessions in that there's no fixed machines, treadmills or fancy equipment.

We hit bags and focus pads in fitness sessions so recommend our beginner's course to anyone who wants to learn how to throw a decent punch without injuring themselves.

You won't get bored
The training sessions are all different, you'll always learn something new as well as developing skills and having a laugh. It's a stress releasing way to exercise in a supportive environment.

Booking only
You can book onto our 8 week Beginners course by sending us a message through the facebook page or texting Kate 077 3243 3243.

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