Thursday, December 28, 2017

Where? When? How much? What do I need?

I'm regularly asked a number of questions by newcomers so thought I'd dedicate a post to the most common queries.

Do I need to be a member to train with Box 4 Fitness?

There are no joining fees but we do offer discounts in the form of members cards for people who train with us regularly (twice a week or more).

What are the charges?

Our drop-in, group exercise sessions like Bootcamp and Circuits are £5 for an hour or £3 for a half hour class like Half Hour Hits or Breathe-Connect-Stretch.

Drop-in (hour) - £5
Drop in (half-hour) - £3
8 sessions - £35
Access all monthly - £50 (you can attend any and all group fitness sessions - this excludes courses)
Boxing awards courses - £65 (£35 deposit payable up front)

1:1 Training/Coaching packages on request (Please note - no evening appts available, Kate 077 3243 3243)

What do I wear?
Comfortable clothing that does not need adjusting. Once you have boxing gloves on you cannot pull a top down that's riding up or tracksuit bottoms that are falling down! It needs to fit or be loose enough to cover what makes you comfortable read more here.

You'll hear this mantra in the gym often...CLEAN INDOOR BOXING BOOTS OR FLAT TRAINERS. Please don't turn up in the same trainers you wear to run along muddy canal banks or off-road, we exercise and stretch on the floor as well as on our feet and don't want to roll around in mud.

What gloves do I need?
We will loan you gloves and/or wraps the first few times you come along and then recommend you get your own.

There are a number of different brands and price categories for gloves but a standard 12oz pair of leather gloves, available on the internet or from a store, for around £30 will do well for a number of years of weekly use.

Brands that do good mid-range gloves: Adidas, RDX Sports, Everlast and Blitz.

There are a few brands that make 'ladies' gloves but this usually just means that they are the same glove - in pink. Some are a bigger fit than others, some are a softer leather, some more bulky. The 'oz' refers to the amount of padding in the glove so 10oz and 12oz are for training, hitting bags and pads and 14 or 16oz gloves are for sparring (hitting people).

We recommend mexican style wraps with a stretchy fabric as opposed to the herringbone Everlast or Lonsdale type you can get in every discount sports retailer read this article for more info and links

Do I have to hit anyone and will I get hit?
Sparring is optional in some of our sessions and only undertaken after you've done a good few weeks in the gym. You don't have to get involved in sparring unless competing in the sport of boxing interests you.
Lots of people in our gym, just train with us for the fitness aspect.

Where do we train?
Get directions through the map on our facebook page or see here

When do we hold our sessions?
If you'd like to book onto our Beginner's Course get in touch via facebook  or contact Kate 077 3243 3243. Otherwise there's a full timetable here.

How to make a New Year's resolution last 8 weeks

photography by Charli
In 2018 I am going to...
If being more active or learning a new skill is something high on your list of priorities, our 8 week course for beginners starts in January read more here.

Want more self confidence?
This type of training helps a lot of anxious, shy people become more confident. It's an individual sport that allows you the companionship of other boxers but there's no team pressure to perform.

Boxing training is different to regular gym sessions in that there's no fixed machines, treadmills or fancy equipment.

We hit bags and focus pads in fitness sessions so recommend our beginner's course to anyone who wants to learn how to throw a decent punch without injuring themselves.

You won't get bored
The training sessions are all different, you'll always learn something new as well as developing skills and having a laugh. It's a stress releasing way to exercise in a supportive environment.

Booking only
You can book onto our 8 week Beginners course by sending us a message through the facebook page or texting Kate 077 3243 3243.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Closing

Say goodbye to 2017 with Boxercise
Our last class for the year will be on Friday 22 Dec at 9.30am
photography by Charli

This follows our Christmas get-together...
Thursday 21 December, we're meeting at The Libertine from 7pm, all who train with us are welcome to come along and share a festive glass.

Here's to 2018
We kick off the New Year with a brand new Bootcamp on Mon 8 Jan, Circuits on Tues, followed by a Level 1, Beginners Course and 9.30am Boxercise Wednesday followed by Breathe-Connect-Stretch, a new half hour class, straight after Boxercise.

There's plenty of stuff happening in the New Year, so keep your eyes open and follow us on facebook

Thanks to everyone who's supported us this year and we wish you a healthy, happy holiday and new year. See you in the gym!

Beginners Boxing Course for girls and women 2018

Learn a new skill, get fitter and improve your confidence

We have 2 courses for beginners starting in January 2018.
The first will run on Tuesdays, 7.30-8.30pm and the other, on Saturdays, 11-12pm. This is the same course run on 2 separate days (choose one only).

Glove contact - no getting hit

Suitable for absolute beginners or those who may have been to Boxercise or other boxing fitness classes and want to improve their punching technique.

You'll hit gloves, focus pads or bags, not people. You'll also learn how to defend against punches and move around a boxing ring.

Girls and women only

Photography by Charli
All-female environment, led by an England Boxing Coach for girls 11+ and women of any age. You do not have to be fit to take part in this course, nor do you need any boxing experience.

What will you learn?

  • How to stand and move around the ring like a boxer
  • How to throw straight punches and defend against them
  • How to hold pads and work with a partner

What's it like in the gym?
You can read more about the gym here and Watch our video here

Booking only

Places are limited so booking is essential. Course fee is £65 (£35 deposit and balance payable by week 3) with options for low-waged or siblings/family bookings.

The easiest way to book is to like us on facebook  and message us through the page or text Kate 077 3243 3243.