Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer taster sessions for girls - Kickboxercise

During the last 2 weeks of the summer holidays we're running taster sessions for our Kickboxercise class. This regular class runs on Wednesdays during term-time between 4.30-5.30pm. It's open to girls aged 11-15 and beginners are welcome.

What is Kickboxercise?
It's a training system based on martial arts techniques - kicking, punching, elbow and knee striking and blocking. The girls use focus pads and punch bags as targets to strike and there is no full-contact to the face or body.
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What equipment do you need?
Initially, none. You can borrow club gloves and/or hand wraps till you are ready to buy your own.
Appropriate clothing is either  general PE kit or t-shirt and shorts or tracksuit bottoms - clean trainers or plimsolls are essential.

What does it cost?
£5 per session drop in, £30 for 8 sessions or £40 for 12 sessions.
Taster sessions are free.

If you'd like to join a taster session, please message us here or text 077 3243 3243

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