Thursday, July 13, 2017

Confidence and self-defence for girls

This summer holidays, we're running workshops for girls to improve their confidence and ability to look after themselves physically.

What's involved
  • Lots of role play and discussion around things we can do to make ourselves less of a target to a bully or potential attacker
  • We teach hands-on techniques that can be used if a situation escalates and requires self-defence
  • We explore ways to help them look and feel more confident and encourage a positive self image
Who would benefit from this workshop?
We believe that every girl should be able to stand up for herself and defend herself should the situation arise. This course is specific to 11-15 year old girls.

It's particularly suitable for girls transitioning to high school or those having troubles with older or bigger kids at school.

It's a great way for girls to meet other girls who'll be going to the same new school or taking the same bus.

What's the cost?
£15 for the 4 hour workshop. Concessions are available, please don't be shy to ask, we want as many girls as possible to do this course.
Booking only - either message us through the facebook page or text 077 3243 3243

Wed 9 Aug 1-5pm
Tues 15 Aug 1-5pm
Tues 22 Aug 1-5pm
Please note: This is the same workshop delivered on a choice of 3 dates.

Venue: Hebden Bridge Boxing Club directions here

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