Monday, March 20, 2017

Fundraiser success - Thank you

Box 4 Fitness Superheroes  Photography by Charli
Target smashed!
A massive thank you to everyone who walked through our gym doors on Saturday and helped us to raise over a thousand pounds. There are some raffle monies to come in and expenses to work out but we can safely say we achieved our target for the Women's Boxing Fundraiser.

We had a brilliant day, filled with fun and so much generosity, it really was heartwarming. The time and effort people put into baking and creating things including costumes, was outstanding and just shows how much talent we're surrounded by.

Kickboxercise most popular taster
Lucy Vaughan's incredible cake.
The Kickboxercise session was really well attended with lots of new faces. This class has grown to around 25 girls recently, some of whom came down to get involved in the squatting challenge and the cha-cha slide which is a planking internet challenge we've been doing for a few weeks.

The girls really enjoyed showing off their skills and strength and the crowd was very responsive.

Women's sparring

A small crowd turned up to see the sparring, including friends and family of our guests from York. The girls all sparred really well and the crowd, especially the younger girls enjoyed seeing the action close -up.

Photography by Charli
For some, this was the highlight of the day and it was great to see so much interest in the sport. We struggle to get girls who want to spar in the gym, loads love to hit bags and pads but only very few will take it into the ring.

We run regular beginner's courses for girls and women which is a step by step approach to boxing and eventually sparring if the individual chooses. Our next course starts April 29 read more here.

Janette wins a whole food hamper

Raffle Draw
The raffle was a huge success, ending up with 3 very worthwhile Hampers created by Claudette at Fleur De Lys, the Bluefin Blender donated by Charlotte and some free training sessions.  All winners will be contacted to have their prizes delivered to them by nominated members.

Superhero Circuits
In true big-event style, the Circuits class started well and spiralled into hilarious chaos at some points with superheroes losing their way and some losing their minds.
Photography by Charli
At one point, catwoman was literally hiding behind bags because she wasn't sure where she was meant to be and one of the All Star Ninja Warrior's was weeping with laughter instead of throwing ninja stars to save the world! Everybody got well into character and it was excellent fun.

Catwoman driving the Batmobile
Minute-to-win-it team challenges

By far the most laughter came from the minute-to-win-it games at the end of the day. Kindly organised by Kerry, this was a series of 8 challenges for 1 member of each of the 4 teams to gain points. They included a 'Face the Cookie Challenge', 'Junk in the Trunk' and 'Balloon Juggling'.

The She-Hulk sisters won best team and Liz Green, the prize for the best fancy dress costume.

She-Hulk-Sisters take the cake.
Dead Strong's Jenna H-M

Thanks to our guests and supporting partners

Jenna H-M from Dead Strong came down and introduced us to her clothing brand, supporting our fundraiser with proceeds from her sales.

Photography by Charli captured the day on camera in her own unique style, giving up her time to be there and has generously offered to donate 50% of all profit from sales of photographs to the Women's Boxing Fund.

Jo facing the cookie

Back into the gym and on with the hard work

Our first big event of the season is the Elite championships in London next month. A 3 day event and the first time we've entered competition at 3, 3 minute rounds instead of 4, 2 minute rounds with England Boxing bringing this change in for females this year.

We're training hard and will be ready to go with your support and encouragement fresh in our minds.

Thank you once again for making this happen.

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