Thursday, December 28, 2017

Where? When? How much? What do I need?

I'm regularly asked a number of questions by newcomers so thought I'd dedicate a post to the most common queries.

Do I need to be a member to train with Box 4 Fitness?

There are no joining fees but we do offer discounts in the form of members cards for people who train with us regularly (twice a week or more).

What are the charges?

Our drop-in, group exercise sessions like Bootcamp and Circuits are £5 for an hour or £3 for a half hour class like Half Hour Hits or Breathe-Connect-Stretch.

Drop-in (hour) - £5
Drop in (half-hour) - £3
8 sessions - £35
Access all monthly - £50 (you can attend any and all group fitness sessions - this excludes courses)
Boxing awards courses - £65 (£35 deposit payable up front)

1:1 Training/Coaching packages on request (Please note - no evening appts available, Kate 077 3243 3243)

What do I wear?
Comfortable clothing that does not need adjusting. Once you have boxing gloves on you cannot pull a top down that's riding up or tracksuit bottoms that are falling down! It needs to fit or be loose enough to cover what makes you comfortable read more here.

You'll hear this mantra in the gym often...CLEAN INDOOR BOXING BOOTS OR FLAT TRAINERS. Please don't turn up in the same trainers you wear to run along muddy canal banks or off-road, we exercise and stretch on the floor as well as on our feet and don't want to roll around in mud.

What gloves do I need?
We will loan you gloves and/or wraps the first few times you come along and then recommend you get your own.

There are a number of different brands and price categories for gloves but a standard 12oz pair of leather gloves, available on the internet or from a store, for around £30 will do well for a number of years of weekly use.

Brands that do good mid-range gloves: Adidas, RDX Sports, Everlast and Blitz.

There are a few brands that make 'ladies' gloves but this usually just means that they are the same glove - in pink. Some are a bigger fit than others, some are a softer leather, some more bulky. The 'oz' refers to the amount of padding in the glove so 10oz and 12oz are for training, hitting bags and pads and 14 or 16oz gloves are for sparring (hitting people).

We recommend mexican style wraps with a stretchy fabric as opposed to the herringbone Everlast or Lonsdale type you can get in every discount sports retailer read this article for more info and links

Do I have to hit anyone and will I get hit?
Sparring is optional in some of our sessions and only undertaken after you've done a good few weeks in the gym. You don't have to get involved in sparring unless competing in the sport of boxing interests you.
Lots of people in our gym, just train with us for the fitness aspect.

Where do we train?
Get directions through the map on our facebook page or see here

When do we hold our sessions?
If you'd like to book onto our Beginner's Course get in touch via facebook  or contact Kate 077 3243 3243. Otherwise there's a full timetable here.

How to make a New Year's resolution last 8 weeks

photography by Charli
In 2018 I am going to...
If being more active or learning a new skill is something high on your list of priorities, our 8 week course for beginners starts in January read more here.

Want more self confidence?
This type of training helps a lot of anxious, shy people become more confident. It's an individual sport that allows you the companionship of other boxers but there's no team pressure to perform.

Boxing training is different to regular gym sessions in that there's no fixed machines, treadmills or fancy equipment.

We hit bags and focus pads in fitness sessions so recommend our beginner's course to anyone who wants to learn how to throw a decent punch without injuring themselves.

You won't get bored
The training sessions are all different, you'll always learn something new as well as developing skills and having a laugh. It's a stress releasing way to exercise in a supportive environment.

Booking only
You can book onto our 8 week Beginners course by sending us a message through the facebook page or texting Kate 077 3243 3243.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Closing

Say goodbye to 2017 with Boxercise
Our last class for the year will be on Friday 22 Dec at 9.30am
photography by Charli

This follows our Christmas get-together...
Thursday 21 December, we're meeting at The Libertine from 7pm, all who train with us are welcome to come along and share a festive glass.

Here's to 2018
We kick off the New Year with a brand new Bootcamp on Mon 8 Jan, Circuits on Tues, followed by a Level 1, Beginners Course and 9.30am Boxercise Wednesday followed by Breathe-Connect-Stretch, a new half hour class, straight after Boxercise.

There's plenty of stuff happening in the New Year, so keep your eyes open and follow us on facebook

Thanks to everyone who's supported us this year and we wish you a healthy, happy holiday and new year. See you in the gym!

Beginners Boxing Course for girls and women 2018

Learn a new skill, get fitter and improve your confidence

We have 2 courses for beginners starting in January 2018.
The first will run on Tuesdays, 7.30-8.30pm and the other, on Saturdays, 11-12pm. This is the same course run on 2 separate days (choose one only).

Glove contact - no getting hit

Suitable for absolute beginners or those who may have been to Boxercise or other boxing fitness classes and want to improve their punching technique.

You'll hit gloves, focus pads or bags, not people. You'll also learn how to defend against punches and move around a boxing ring.

Girls and women only

Photography by Charli
All-female environment, led by an England Boxing Coach for girls 11+ and women of any age. You do not have to be fit to take part in this course, nor do you need any boxing experience.

What will you learn?

  • How to stand and move around the ring like a boxer
  • How to throw straight punches and defend against them
  • How to hold pads and work with a partner

What's it like in the gym?
You can read more about the gym here and Watch our video here

Booking only

Places are limited so booking is essential. Course fee is £65 (£35 deposit and balance payable by week 3) with options for low-waged or siblings/family bookings.

The easiest way to book is to like us on facebook  and message us through the page or text Kate 077 3243 3243.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

No Boxercise Fri 3 Nov

This week's Friday Boxercise session is cancelled but we'll be back to normal next week.

There's a Boxercise class on Wednesday at 10.15 am and a K O Circuits class at 10am on Saturday if you don't want to miss a week.

Sorry if this causes anyone any inconvenience but there's no available cover.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Beginner's course starts next week - Tues 5 Sep

Our final, 8 week beginner's course for the year starts next Tuesday and is still open to bookings.

Who's it for?
Any girl 11+ or woman who wants to

Photography by Charli
  • learn a new skill
  • increase confidence and fitness
  • get stronger and more aware
  • learn the basics for fitness classes
  • get into amateur boxing

What does it involve?
Learning the basics and practising them with a partner, glove to glove contact throughout this course (so no hitting or getting hit)

  • how to stand, move around and throw straight punches
  • how to defend against straight punches
  • hold focus pads for a partner and how to hit focus pads with a partner

Want to know more? 
Read this to find out more about our gym or watch this video to see footage shot in the gym during a fitness class.

What is the cost?
£35 deposit (online transfer or cash/cheque beforehand at the gym) and £30 payable either at session 1 or as arranged (concessions available and discounts for siblings/mothers and daughters)

The £65 fee covers 8 weeks of training and a medal/certificate at the end of the course. catch-up sessions are possible (saturdays) for those who cannot make 1 or 2 of the course dates.

Course date: Tuesday Sept 5, 7.30-8.30pm and the following 7 consecutive Tuesdays ending 24 October.

How to book

The best way to get in touch is through our facebook page but if you aren't on facebook, text or call Kate on 077 3243 3243

Monday, August 21, 2017

Boxing for girls - Monday class 3.30-4.30pm

We've had a number of requests for a girls boxing class at the gym, so we'll be trying this out next term.

What will the sessions be like?
Classes will cover the basics of boxing, how to move around, throw straight punches, defend against punches and training with punchbags and focus pads.

They will start as glove-contact classes with a view to building up to contact (optional) after +/- 24 weeks of training and ringwork.

When do they start?
Sessions are planned for Mondays between 3.30-4.30pm. The class can only go ahead when at least 6 girls have committed to 8 weeks of training (max 12 girls per session).

There is a waiting list in place, to be included, please text Kate 077 3243 3243 or get in touch via facebook

What will it cost?
£3 per session or £20 for 8 weeks.

Who's it for?
Open to girls 11+  who have an interest in boxing, getting fit or learning a new skill.

No Bootcamp Mon 28 Aug (Bank hol)

We will not be operating Bootcamp on Bank Holiday Monday, 28 Aug.

Hopefully, we'll be out on the moors in the sunshine or maybe on a lake somewhere?

Wherever you go or whatever you do for the long weekend,  enjoy it and take care. See you back in the gym as usual the following day at 6.15pm for Circuits.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Questions and Answers for first timers

If you're new to boxing or boxing fitness, it can be daunting to go to a boxing gym for the first time. Many have images in their minds of the spit and sawdust gyms we see in films -  with a resident bully coach who either banishes you to a skipping rope for 3 months or throws you straight into the ring before you've learned to throw a punch.

A different approach to encourage girls and women into the boxing gym

Box 4 Fitness offers 8-week Beginner's courses, regular 3 hour Foundation courses and coaches who'll support you whether you choose the sport of boxing or just want to train for fitness.

Led by female instructors and coaches, most sessions are for girls and women apart from 2 circuits classes per week where we invite everyone to join in for a mixed session.

Our philosophy

You will not find passengers here, everyone who comes to the sessions not only participates but also encourages and supports everyone else to help them achieve their training goals and get the best out of the class.

We train as a team, often in pairs and always inclusively - you will not feel left out in the gym even if you don't know anyone.

We've been running sessions for more than ten years and have seen some solid friendships born in our gym - it's a great support structure for girls and women and very empowering. We laugh a lot and occasionally get dressed up and perform mad antics to raise funds for the club.

What's it like in the gym?
We like to train in a natural, no frills environment and do not use air conditioning or heating in the gym. We don't sell products or shakes or magic beans of any description. There's a toilet but no showers, a changing room and a car park outside. We've a large matted area and 2 boxing rings so we ask that people have clean footwear at all times - either boxing boots or flat (no stud) trainers. There are 13 punch bags and a weights and kettlebells area for conditioning.

photos by Charli

Want to see?
Watch a video here

What equipment do I need?
You can borrow club gloves for the fist few weeks until you decide if the training is right for you. You'll need hand wraps and your own gloves eventually if you are just participating in fitness sessions and a head guard and mouth guard if you are going to box.

Wear: a vest or t-shirt/top that fits and does not need pulling up or down when you exercise (impossible with gloves on). Shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings - again, make sure they fit you. Just be comfortable, nobody cares what you're wearing as long as it's functional. Long, pointy nails are very difficult to punch with and false lashes are a deffo no-no for sparring.

What to bring
  • bottle of water (please don't bring energy drinks into the gym unless you have a specific reason, like running a half marathon to get there)
  • sweatshirt or something warm in the winter months
  • small towel in summer months to lie on for floor work
Which class to start with?
This totally depends on your schedule. If you can make daytime classes, they are quieter and you will get more coaching and attention from instructors. The evening classes can get very busy but if you're happy to jump in and catch up as you go - there will be people there to help you do this.

Ideally, the 8 week beginners course which runs periodically on Tuesays 7.30pm and Saturdays 11am is the place to start as a newbie. The shorter, more boxing fitness focused Foundation course is less of a commitment in time and money and great if you want to get started quickly.

What does it cost?
Drop in £5 per session or £3 for Half-Hour Hits (wed only)
8 sessions for £35 (to be used within 30 days)
Access -all membership £48
1:1 Coaching and personal training £30/hr, £80 for 3 (3 x 1 hour or 6 x half hour sessions) £165 for 6 hours, other prices on request

Where are we located?
Located in Mt Pleasant Mill at the top of Ribstone St in Mytholmroyd, HX7 8LR.
Like our facebook page and get directions.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer taster sessions for girls - Kickboxercise

During the last 2 weeks of the summer holidays we're running taster sessions for our Kickboxercise class. This regular class runs on Wednesdays during term-time between 4.30-5.30pm. It's open to girls aged 11-15 and beginners are welcome.

What is Kickboxercise?
It's a training system based on martial arts techniques - kicking, punching, elbow and knee striking and blocking. The girls use focus pads and punch bags as targets to strike and there is no full-contact to the face or body.
Read more here

What equipment do you need?
Initially, none. You can borrow club gloves and/or hand wraps till you are ready to buy your own.
Appropriate clothing is either  general PE kit or t-shirt and shorts or tracksuit bottoms - clean trainers or plimsolls are essential.

What does it cost?
£5 per session drop in, £30 for 8 sessions or £40 for 12 sessions.
Taster sessions are free.

If you'd like to join a taster session, please message us here or text 077 3243 3243

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Beginner's course for girls 11+ and women starts Sept 5

Photography  by Charli

Dates announced for September course starting Tuesday 5th at 7.30pm. 8 consecutive weeks, finishing before half term.

To book a place on the course, contact us through the facebook page or text Kate 077 3243 3243

Details on this course to follow

Friday, August 4, 2017

Confidence and Self-Defence for Girls -updated

Places still available for 22 Aug Workshop

photography by Charli

As of Sat 19 Aug, we still have places left on the last of our workshops for girls aged 11-15. If you'd like to book, please like our facebook page and message us there or text 077 3243 3243.

If you've already booked and want to know more, here's a rough timetable for the day:

12.45 - 1.00 pm  Arrival and registration/form filling

1.00-3.00 pm Session time:
Being ahead of the game
Escalation and how to deal with it
Hands-on techniques

3.00 - 3.20 pm BREAK
 3.20 - 5.00pm Session time
Hands-on practice for shoulder/arm/hair grabs
elbow strikes, knee strikes and kicks.

4.45-5.00pm PICK UP (we invite parents to arrive 15 minutes early to watch the final stages of the workshop where girls practice what they've learned)

What to wear and bring

  • Vest or t-shirt and tracksuit pants, shorts or leggings (no jeans please)
  • Clean trainers (some of the session will be in bare feet -no trainers on the mats)
  • No make-up or jewellery except small earrings that can't catch on clothing
  • Tie up or plait long hair
  • Bring a bottle of water and a snack for break time, we discourage fizzy drinks and sweets in the gym - fresh fruit, carrot sticks, nut and seed bars are all ideal snacks for the level of activity.

Hands-on workshop
Part of the workshop will involve hands-on techniques like escaping a hair grab or hand grab. For this reason, it's important that no jewellery is worn and that girls understand they will have to make contact with others. The girls will use their hands, feet, elbows and knees to strike focus pads and punch bags.

Directions: Postcode for Google maps HX7 5 LR

Turn onto Midgley Road off Burnley road and take the first left (signposted Leading to Zion Terrace), first right and STAY right on Ribstone St. Drive to the top of the road and park in the car park map here

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Half Hour Hits - start Wed 2 Aug


We're trying out a new series of classes in August which will be shorter sessions, based around weightlifting, crossfit-style workouts, a bit of boxing and martial arts.

Format for the half hour hits will change every week but the same class will be repeated twice, once at 6.15 and again at 6.45pm.

They will initially run for 12 weeks, £5 per 1/2 hour class (limited numbers for safety reasons when weightlifting)

If you are new to the gym, send us a message through our Facebook page or text 077 3243 3243. 

Confidence and self-defence for girls

This summer holidays, we're running workshops for girls to improve their confidence and ability to look after themselves physically.

What's involved
  • Lots of role play and discussion around things we can do to make ourselves less of a target to a bully or potential attacker
  • We teach hands-on techniques that can be used if a situation escalates and requires self-defence
  • We explore ways to help them look and feel more confident and encourage a positive self image
Who would benefit from this workshop?
We believe that every girl should be able to stand up for herself and defend herself should the situation arise. This course is specific to 11-15 year old girls.

It's particularly suitable for girls transitioning to high school or those having troubles with older or bigger kids at school.

It's a great way for girls to meet other girls who'll be going to the same new school or taking the same bus.

What's the cost?
£15 for the 4 hour workshop. Concessions are available, please don't be shy to ask, we want as many girls as possible to do this course.
Booking only - either message us through the facebook page or text 077 3243 3243

Wed 9 Aug 1-5pm
Tues 15 Aug 1-5pm
Tues 22 Aug 1-5pm
Please note: This is the same workshop delivered on a choice of 3 dates.

Venue: Hebden Bridge Boxing Club directions here

Friday, June 9, 2017

Beginner's crash course starts 28 June

3 hour course over 3 Wednesays
Our 3-part, crash course in boxing for beginners, starts Wednesday 28 June at 6.15pm. There are 3 sessions over 3 weeks covering the basics:
  • how to stand and move around like a boxer
  • throwing straight punches onto a target
  • holding focus pads for a partner
  • general exercises used in training sessions to strengthen the body
  • skipping and bagwork

Who's it for?
  • Anyone who's new to the sport/ Box 4 Fitness
  • People who've tried out our Boxercise, Bootcamp or Circuits sessions and would like to improve their punching technique to get more from their training
  • Anyone looking to try out boxing from a fitness perspective (this is a non contact course)

Photography by Charli

Benefits of boxing training:

Stress busting workout that is both fun and satisfying

Increased fitness, self confidence and physical strength

Boxing training can be a positive way to channel anger, aggression and is proven to help with the symptoms of depression

Watch our video here

Booking only (limited to 10 people)
Wed 28 June,Wed 5 and 12 July 6.15-7.15pm,
£30 for 3 sessions (Payable online or in cash at the gym)

Like and follow our facebook page  and message us through there or text 077 3243 3243

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Introducing the Foundation course...

Starting next month, we're trying out a new Foundation Course in response to requests from people who can't commit to our 8 week Beginner's Course.

What is the Foundation Course?

  • a bite sized introduction to boxing fitness - 3 x 1 hour sessions over 3 weeks
  • teaches you the basics you'll need to safely take part in Box 4 Fitness classes

Who's it for?

  • anyone who's new to boxing fitness and wants to join one of our regular drop in sessions 
  • people who've never thrown a punch, or hit focus pads or a bag
  • those already coming to training sessions but struggling with technique or hurting themselves through improper technique

What will you learn?

  • how to stand, move around and throw punches like a boxer
  • basic exercises and drills we use regularly in the gym
  • how to hold focus pads for a partner and how to safely hit a punch bag

Dates and cost? 

Wed 28 June, 6.15-7.15pm. Wed 5 & 12 July, 6.16-7.15pm

£30 for 3 sessions (payable by online banking or in cash). This includes 1 free session pass so you can try out a drop-in class timetable here.

Photography by Charli

How to book

  • like the Box 4 Fitness Facebook page and message us there
  • text Kate 077 3243 3243

    Limted to 10 people per course

Friday, April 28, 2017

Beginner's course starts Saturday...places still available

We still have places left on our beginner's boxing course that starts tomorrow at 11am. This is an 8 week course open to girls (11+) and women only. You can read more about the course here

Course fee is £65 or FREE if you are a female aged between 11-19 and live in Mytholmroyd.

If you'd like to join the course, like our facebook page and message us there or come to the gym tomorrow at 10.45 directions here.

Check out our new video

See how we train
We're pleased to share our latest club video with you, shot mostly during one of our Bootcamp sessions that run regularly on Monday nights. If you've never been before, the video gives you a good idea of what goes on in our gym and shows the variety of people that train with us.

Click here to watch the video

Most Box 4 Fitness sessions are female only (11+) although we do have a mixed Circuit class on a Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. So we have younger and older people, some are fit, some aren't, some are boxers, but mostly, they're people who just want to get fit and enjoy the training. We're not an exclusive gym, we welcome everyone, regardless of your level of fitness.

Thank you Charli
The video was kindly put together by Charli Palmer of Photography by charli who recently started training with us. She's primarily a wedding photographer but has talents in many areas including video and illustration. Check out her website for more info.

We hope this will encourage you to take the next step into the gym and come and join us.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Join the Valley Warriors - sign up now for a discount!

Valley warriors 2017
For those interested in joining the Valley Warriors team for Total Warrior this year, please follow the link and sign up to get the latest discount.

  • Choose the 4-15 team members option which is currently £60.80 per ticket
  • The current discount ends in 2 days (Thurs 13 April)

Please let us know via the facebook page once you've booked.

We'll arrange transport etc closer to the event itself.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Closing Sat to Mon

Boxercise Good Friday
We'll be training at 9.30am on Friday 14 April and then taking some time off Saturday and Monday.

Back on Tuesday
Business as usual at Circuits on Tuesday at 6.15pm followed by session 5 of the Standard Award at 7.30pm.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Beginner's Boxing - free places for local girls

Free places for 4 girls
If you're a girl aged between 11 and 19, living in Mytholmroyd and interested in learning to box, we have 4 free places on our
next course.

This is a glove-contact course so there's no hitting an opponent or being hit. If you do want to get into the ring and spar, you can do this after your third 8 week course.

Run by a qualified England Boxing Level 2 Coach, registered, insured and CRB checked.

You can read more about the course here.

How to apply
If you're want a free place on the course, you can like and follow our facebook page  and send us a message there or text Kate 077 3243 3243.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

No 11am training session this Saturday

We're away at Yorkshire Squad training this Saturday so there'll be no 11am session this week.

KO Circuit is running as usual at 10am.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Warriors starts 5 April

This year's Wednesday Warriors training kicks off on the 5th of April at 6.15pm.

What's the training like?

This is 12 week programme that focuses on getting the body used to lifting weight, running around and doing physical tasks outdoors.

We'll start indoors and doing drills to increase fitness and strength then  take it out into local parks when the weather warms up.

Who's it for?
Anyone who wants to get fitter, stronger and a bit tougher.

It's ideal for people preparing to do Total Warrior or Tough Mudder alongside a running and circuits programme.

Want to join the Valley Warriors?
For the past 4 years, we've entered a team from the gym, into the Total Warrior 12km event. The first year, we did the Lake District Course watch the video here and for the past 3 years, we've done Leeds, Bramham Park.

This year, we'll again enter the Leeds event on June 24th. If you want to be part of the team, you're required to train at the gym (not necessarily Wednesdays if you can't make it), so come along and let us know you're interested. Find out more about Total Warrior.

What's the cost?
You can buy 12 weeks at the first session for £50 - no exchange with other classes, this can only be used for Wednesday Warriors.

Otherwise you can pay £5 drop in or if you're  monthly member, this session is included in the membership too.

What will I need?
Regular gym wear such as tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts, a vest or t-shirt and something to warm up and cool down in.

CLEAN INDOOR TRAINERS (or boxing boots) as flat as possible for weightlifting and indoor drills and a pair of outdoor trainers or trail shoes for work outside.

A towel, a water bottle, a light rain jacket or sunglasses for warmer months.

Join the facebook page and message us through there or text Kate 077 3243 3243.

This is a drop in session so you do not have to commit to 12 weeks. Please watch the facebook page and this blog fir updates on training.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Boxing Course for beginners - girls and women only

+Photography by Charli 

Our next beginner's course for girls (11+) and women starts on Sat April 29.

This course is booking only and the easiest way to do this is to message us through the facebook page.

You can read more here.

No Women's Boxing Sat 25 March

Saturday's 11am training for women and girls is cancelled this week due to England Boxing commitments and no cover at the gym. We'll be back to normal next week.

There will be a 10am K O Circuits class tomorrow as usual.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fundraiser success - Thank you

Box 4 Fitness Superheroes  Photography by Charli
Target smashed!
A massive thank you to everyone who walked through our gym doors on Saturday and helped us to raise over a thousand pounds. There are some raffle monies to come in and expenses to work out but we can safely say we achieved our target for the Women's Boxing Fundraiser.

We had a brilliant day, filled with fun and so much generosity, it really was heartwarming. The time and effort people put into baking and creating things including costumes, was outstanding and just shows how much talent we're surrounded by.

Kickboxercise most popular taster
Lucy Vaughan's incredible cake.
The Kickboxercise session was really well attended with lots of new faces. This class has grown to around 25 girls recently, some of whom came down to get involved in the squatting challenge and the cha-cha slide which is a planking internet challenge we've been doing for a few weeks.

The girls really enjoyed showing off their skills and strength and the crowd was very responsive.

Women's sparring

A small crowd turned up to see the sparring, including friends and family of our guests from York. The girls all sparred really well and the crowd, especially the younger girls enjoyed seeing the action close -up.

Photography by Charli
For some, this was the highlight of the day and it was great to see so much interest in the sport. We struggle to get girls who want to spar in the gym, loads love to hit bags and pads but only very few will take it into the ring.

We run regular beginner's courses for girls and women which is a step by step approach to boxing and eventually sparring if the individual chooses. Our next course starts April 29 read more here.

Janette wins a whole food hamper

Raffle Draw
The raffle was a huge success, ending up with 3 very worthwhile Hampers created by Claudette at Fleur De Lys, the Bluefin Blender donated by Charlotte and some free training sessions.  All winners will be contacted to have their prizes delivered to them by nominated members.

Superhero Circuits
In true big-event style, the Circuits class started well and spiralled into hilarious chaos at some points with superheroes losing their way and some losing their minds.
Photography by Charli
At one point, catwoman was literally hiding behind bags because she wasn't sure where she was meant to be and one of the All Star Ninja Warrior's was weeping with laughter instead of throwing ninja stars to save the world! Everybody got well into character and it was excellent fun.

Catwoman driving the Batmobile
Minute-to-win-it team challenges

By far the most laughter came from the minute-to-win-it games at the end of the day. Kindly organised by Kerry, this was a series of 8 challenges for 1 member of each of the 4 teams to gain points. They included a 'Face the Cookie Challenge', 'Junk in the Trunk' and 'Balloon Juggling'.

The She-Hulk sisters won best team and Liz Green, the prize for the best fancy dress costume.

She-Hulk-Sisters take the cake.
Dead Strong's Jenna H-M

Thanks to our guests and supporting partners

Jenna H-M from Dead Strong came down and introduced us to her clothing brand, supporting our fundraiser with proceeds from her sales.

Photography by Charli captured the day on camera in her own unique style, giving up her time to be there and has generously offered to donate 50% of all profit from sales of photographs to the Women's Boxing Fund.

Jo facing the cookie

Back into the gym and on with the hard work

Our first big event of the season is the Elite championships in London next month. A 3 day event and the first time we've entered competition at 3, 3 minute rounds instead of 4, 2 minute rounds with England Boxing bringing this change in for females this year.

We're training hard and will be ready to go with your support and encouragement fresh in our minds.

Thank you once again for making this happen.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Book a taster session at the fundraiser this Saturday

This Saturday, we're offering 20 minute taster sessions to anyone who wants to try out one of our classes. We're doing this on a first come, first served basis unless you let us know you want a place.
If you do...
  • Like the facebook page
  • Post a message on the page saying which session you want to join
  • Turn up 15 minutes beforehand  
Most of our regular training sessions are for women and girls only but our Circuits class on a Tuesday and KO Circuit on a Saturday are both open to men and women (as are the taster sessions).

The programme is as follows:

10.30 Boxercise
11.00 Kickboxercise (girls 11-15)
11.30 K O Circuit
12.00 Bootcamp/Wed Warriors
12.30 Beginner's Boxing (girls 11+ and women)
13.00 Sparring display
***Live Raffle Draw 1.45pm***

14.00 Superhero Circuit
14.30 Minute-to-win-it

Each taster session has 20 places and lasts 20 mins, there's a suggested £5 donation if you're doing a single class but you can donate whatever you like.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Women's Boxing Fundraiser this Saturday

Try out a taster session

This Saturday from 10.30am we open our doors to the public and invite you to train with us or just visit and look around the gym. You could watch some sparring, check out a taster session or browse our merchandise stalls.

We have a full programme of events as follows:

10.30 Boxercise
11.00 Kickboxercise for girls (11-15yrs)
11.30 K O Circuit (open to men and women)
12.00 Bootcamp/Wed Warriors
12.30 Boxing Awards (Beginners, girls/women)
13.00 Sparring display (Olympic boxing, 3 min rounds)


Bluefin Fitness Blender, healthy hamper, pamper hamper and free training sessions.

14.00 Superhero Circuit
14.30 Minute-to-win-it (team games)

What do we do with the money?

All the money raised goes towards the travel and accommodation expenses for the female boxers who represent our club. This fundraising allows them to compete in national and international competitions.

It also allows us to travel to squad training days all over the UK where they can spar with other girls and develop as boxers.

What's in it for you?

You get to try out the regular classes we run at the club see timetable here, come and meet the Coaches and Instructors as well as the people that train here.
Watch some boxing
We've got friends coming over to spar (fight) from clubs around the region so if you're interested in boxing competitively, this will give you a good insight to the level of boxer we train.

Enter our raffle for the chance to win a commercial blender, free training sessions or a hamper.

We've got special guests Dead Strong in the gym with some gym related merchandise and a sale rail of pre-loved clothes and shoes.

Refreshments and snacks for sale by donation and lots of free information and give-aways.

We look forward to seeing you!