Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beginners Course starts Tue 6 Sep 2016

This is for girls 11+ and women only
Our next beginner's boxing course  starts on Tuesday 06 September and runs for 9 weeks (with a break for half term) with the final session on 08 November.

What do you learn?
This is a basics course that teaches how to stand, move around, throw and defend straight punches and hold focus pads. It's glove-contact (no hitting of an opponent or sparring) and we use focus pads and punch bags.

Do I have to be fit to do this?
It's not hugely demanding physically, so is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. It's a coach-style session rather than a group fitness class. We focus on technique and form and will encourage and support you to increase your fitness levels.

If you're already fit but would like to learn how to box, this course is suitable and can be coached to your ability.

Cost and Booking
£60 (£30 deposit) for 8 sessions including a medal.

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