Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

My first blogpost of the year should have been on January 1st. It should have been a happy one, full of inspiring words and motivation to get you off the sofa and back into the gym. However, we flooded here in the Calder Valley on Boxing Day and although we're very grateful to have escaped the flood at our premises, our friends, neighbours and surrounding businesses were not so lucky.

We've been out and about for the past 8 days, shoveling and sweeping and filling sandbags, ferrying people about and just generally helping out where we can.

This means we're at least a week behind on lots of other stuff so if you've emailed or called or texted, please bear with us as we get back up to speed.

Bootcamp as usual tomorrow
Classes will go ahead as planned as from tomorrow with Bootcamp at 6.15pm. I know the roads will be chaotic with so many people going back to work so please don't worry about turning up late over the next few weeks as this gets sorted.

It will be strange to move from 'emergency mode' to 'business as usual' but I'm aware a lot of you need to get back in there and get rid of some aggression, not to mention the mince pies and selection boxes!

Although this whole experience has been heartbreaking, there have been so many positives, the strength and togetherness of our community has been overwhelming. The help and support we've received from others, in particular, the Muslim and Sikh communities has been both humbling and revitalising. Collectively what we've done in the past week or so has been nothing short of amazing.

When you are ready for it, we'll be in the gym, waiting to support you in whichever way we can. Here's to new beginnings and a happy 2016!

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