Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Next beginner's boxing course starts Tues May 12th

Our next Level 1, Preliminary Boxing Award course starts on Tues May 12 for 8 weeks.

You do not need to be fit to do this course
This course is open to absolute beginners and anyone who currently comes to fitness classes and would like to improve their punching or footwork. It's a glove-contact course so no hitting or getting hit, we use punch bags and focus pads as targets.

It's a coach style course, so although you will get your heart rate up and certainly get a sweat on, the focus is on technique and developing skill.

More course content and information in this previous post.

What to wear/bring
Wear comfortable sports clothing that does not need adjusting - vest or t-shirt and jogging pants or tracksuit bottoms. A sports bra is recommended and clean, indoor trainers only - no out door running shoes to be worn in the gym.

Bring a bottle of water, gloves if you have them and a sweatshirt to warm up and cool down in.

Cost: £60 for 8 weeks incl medal and certificate
Venue: Hebden bridge Boxing Club, Mytholmroyd
Start date: Tues 12 May 7.30-8.30pm
Booking: Kate 077 3243 3243

Friday, April 17, 2015

Successul fundraiser for Chynah thanks to you

Thanks to everyone who donated, came along to Bootcamp and annihilated their knees and elbows to raise funds for Chynah's trip to the World Karate Championships in Japan, in August.

In just an hour, we raised over £250 and with other kind people that have handed over money, today I donated a total of £265 to Chynah's go fund me account.

We had a hard graft training session, packed to the rafters with 34 people but it ran as smooth as silk. Thank you all for making that happen, your support has been fantastic.

We look forward to hearing about Chynah's success when she gets back in August, I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kickboxercise for girls - Starts next Wed 15 April

We had a successful Kickboxercise taster session just before the holidays so will be starting regular classes for girls as from next Wednesday, 15 April.

What is Kickboxercise?
Based on martial arts, this is a non-contact form of exercise that teaches punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes and combinations of them all with relevant defences.

What do we hit?

We don't just punch and kick the air in these training sessions, we use strike shields, punch bags and focus pads to safely and effectively teach and practice technique at full power and speed.

What are the benefits for girls?
We've heard of and experienced many ways in which this training can help girls, including:
  • Increased confidence and self esteem through learning and developing a new skill.
  • Enhanced body awareness and physical capability, together with improved body image. We encourage strength and ability over looks and shape.
  • Improved confidence at school, on the street and amongst friends; developed through an ability to better protect and defend themselves.
  • Decreased anger and self control issues through the practice and training.
  • An enhanced circle of friends from other schools and communities.
Cost of classes
Blocks of 8 or 12 sessions can be bought at discounted rates:
£30 for 8 sessions, £40 for 12 sessions or £5 per class for drop in.

Options to progress
There will be 3 or 4 assessments held per year where girls can work towards achieving their Level 1, 2 and 3 Box 4 Fitness Award.

They will receive a certificate, medal and pair of coloured handwraps when they pass their assessment. Each level gives them a certain amount of responsibility in the gym and during training sessions. We work with the girls to enhance their leadership and confidence through this programme.

Who's teaching it?
Rhea Carsmith, qualified and registered Kickboxercise Instructor, DBS checked and insured. Under guidance of Head Instructor Kate Dakers, England Boxing Coach and Child Welfare and Safety Officer for Hebden Bridge Boxing Club.

Where: Classes are held at Hebden Bridge Boxing Club directions here
When: Wednedays 4.30-5.30pm from 15 April.
Contact: Rhea Carsmith 07876 557 379 or email rhea_carsmith@hotmail.co.uk
What to wear/bring: please read this

Bootcamp for Chynah - Mon 13th April

Bruce Lee Bootcamp for Chynah
Next Monday we're running an extra special Bootcamp to raise funds for my niece Chynah, who's been selected to represent England at the World Karate Championships in Japan, August 2015.
Bring home a medal for England Chynah!
This is such a fantastic achievement and opportunity, however in order to go, she needs to raise around £1500. As Karate is yet to become an Olympic sport, there is no funding available for the team so the individuals have to pay the cost of flights and accommodation themselves.

We'd like to help by donating the proceeds of this Bootcamp to Chynah's fund and wish her all the best from the sisterhood 'Up North'.

Booking Only
The cost of the class will remain at £5 and we'll accept donations on the night if you'd like to contribute any more. There will be a strict 30 people max in this session but I will be happy to get 20 confirmed places. Please let me know via text, email, facebook or by talking to me at the gym if you want to join us for this Bootcamp.

Members please note: I will be asking for £5 cash for this class even if you are a paid up monthly member or hold an 8 session card.

Thanks for your support so far and kind donations already made by some of you. If you'd like to make a donation directly to Chynah's fund, visit her go fund me page.

See you at BRUCE LEE BOOTCAMP next week!