Thursday, January 29, 2015

Self Defence and Safety for Girls (Feb half term)

On Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th February, Box 4 Fitness will be hosting a Self Defence and Safety for Girls workshop.

Just for girls
Aimed at 11-15 year olds, these 5 hour workshops will cover personal safety issues on the street, at school and on public transport. We'll talk about recognising and reducing the risk of personal attack, how to deal with an escalating attack and how to escape from an attacker.

Practical not pretty
The girls will learn, practical, hands-on techniques, working with a partner, in an all-female, secure environment. You can find endless videos online that teach fancy looking self defence but many of the moves are far too complicated to learn and remember when you are under attack.

We teach simple, instinctive techniques and ways to remember them.

Topics will include:
  • The power of your words and voice
  • Using your elbows and knees as defencive weapons
  • How to escape from choke holds, head locks and bear hugs
  • Kicking and striking effectively with your hands and feet
  • Stopping an attack before it starts
Using punch bags and strike shields to practice the techniques at full speed, will allow the girls to explore their strength and how to apply it.

The benefits for girls
Self defence training can:
  • prepare girls both mentally and physically for a risky or dangerous situation
  • increase self confidence (confident girls are less vulnerable)
  • enhance personal safety
  • increase social interaction with like minded girls 
Limited to 20 places on each day, this workshop is booking only, call or text Kate Dakers 077 3243 3243 or email

Venue: Hebden Bridge Boxing Club, see directions.
Date: Mon 16th Feb and Tues 17th Feb 2015
Time: 10am till 3pm (packed lunch required)
Cost: £15 (payable upon booking)

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