Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No further Box 4 Fitness Juniors sessions.

With the majority of our last group, reaching a size/ability to train with the seniors, I've decided not to take on any more juniors and to bring these Saturday morning sessions to an end.

With 2 very successful seasons under our belt at the Hebden Bridge Boxing Club, we've attracted a larger number of juniors at Club Training Times so it seems appropriate and of benefit to both the club and the individual to keep the talent within the boxing club.

Juniors and Seniors train together at the boxing club so there's always someone with more experience for the young people to learn from. There are usually 2, sometimes 4 Coaches in any one class so individual attention is given, even though the sessions are busier.

For juniors looking for more recreational sessions, Box 4 Fitness Tuesday night Circuits are open to those 12 and over (or under 12 if with an adult).

If you've been training with me as a junior and would like to discuss this more, please call or text me 077 3243 3243.

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