Sunday, August 11, 2013

Run to the hills.

I've had a week off hill sprints and already I can feel the difference in my energy levels, lung capacity and general well-being. It's not what it was a week ago, so I'm getting back on it tomorrow come rain or shine.

Week 1
Starting with 6 seconds of work and 60 seconds of rest x 10 times, I'm aiming for 50m on a steep gradient. I'll do this on Mon, Wed, Fri.

Week's 2 and 3
I'll progress to 16 seconds in week 2, then 30 seconds in week 3. After that, mash it up. That's what got me through the 10km run last week so I'm sticking with it.

Keep it short - around 12 minutes
If you read about hill sprints in my last post, you may have picked up that I said I was going to progress to 30 second sprints with 4 min rest x 10 times. This of course would defeat the object of high intensity interval training as it's short session duration is key. When sprinting for 30 seconds uphill, you only perform this 3 times with 4 minutes of active rest in between sprints.

Keep running.

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