Monday, July 29, 2013

Valley Warriors checklist for Saturday....

For the Valley Warriors, here's a few thoughts about Saturday...
My recommended pack list:
Declaration Form (unless you have already handed it to Vicky Conley - NO FORM - NO PLAY)
Towel, wet wipes
Clean clothes and shoes/flip flops for journey home
Plastic bags for dirty clothes and shoes
Bin bag to sit on in the bus
Water to drink
Snacks (nuts, flapjack, fruit, seeds, jelly beans, post race chocolate)
Plasters + vaseline for blisters
Safety pins for your competitor number
Sun screen (we live in hope)
Small amount of cash if you want to buy food or other stuff at the village
Antiseptic wipes for post race cuts and grazes

On the morning of the event.

1. Wake - up, check yourself out in the mirror and tell yourself  YOU ARE A MACHINE, not just any machine but a valley Warrior machine, you EAT other machines for breakfast. Smile. Move on to breakfast.

2. Drink a pint of lemon water, take a shower and then tuck into a 50/50 carb/protein breakfast like oats, nuts, seeds and fruit with cinammon. Eggs, boiled or scrambled and a slice of wholewheat toast. Baked beans on toast with bacon, Green Smoothie...whatever, but lay off the coffee till later.
Aim to do eat half an hour before leaving home and eat a snack on the bus.

Coach leaves The Marina, opposite Moyles at 8am SHARP

Note: REMOVE ALL JEWELLERY. Body piercings included. You will lose it if you wear it. If you absolutely have to wear a ring then tape it up or it will go in the mud.

Wear (or bring):
  • Valley Warriors vest + sports bra - keep those moneymakers where they belong.
  • Light, breathable pants or shorts that will dry fast - no cotton or heavy leggings, they will drag you down. Wear boxer short briefs or full fitting knickers unless you want the world to see your ass, fine as it may be.
  •  Race shoes (tape them onto your feet with gaffer tape when we get there) and running socks, trainer socks will disappear down your shoe and bug you. If you have off road, trail or fell running shoes and are used to wearing them, then do. If not, wear the trainers you've trained in the most over the past few months.
Please feel free to add comments below if there's anything I haven't covered or if you have any queries. See you Wednesday for the final training session (meet at the gym 6.15pm).

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