Thursday, July 13, 2017

Half Hour Hits - start Wed 2 Aug


We're trying out a new series of classes in August which will be shorter sessions, based around weightlifting, crossfit-style workouts, a bit of boxing and martial arts.

Format for the half hour hits will change every week but the same class will be repeated twice, once at 6.15 and again at 6.45pm.

They will initially run for 12 weeks, £5 per 1/2 hour class (limited numbers for safety reasons when weightlifting)

If you are new to the gym, send us a message through our Facebook page or text 077 3243 3243. 

Confidence and self-defence for girls

This summer holidays, we're running workshops for girls to improve their confidence and ability to look after themselves physically.

What's involved
  • Lots of role play and discussion around things we can do to make ourselves less of a target to a bully or potential attacker
  • We teach hands-on techniques that can be used if a situation escalates and requires self-defence
  • We explore ways to help them look and feel more confident and encourage a positive self image
Who would benefit from this workshop?
We believe that every girl should be able to stand up for herself and defend herself should the situation arise. This course is specific to 11-15 year old girls.

It's particularly suitable for girls transitioning to high school or those having troubles with older or bigger kids at school.

It's a great way for girls to meet other girls who'll be going to the same new school or taking the same bus.

What's the cost?
£15 for the 4 hour workshop. Concessions are available, please don't be shy to ask, we want as many girls as possible to do this course.
Booking only - either message us through the facebook page or text 077 3243 3243

Wed 9 Aug 1-5pm
Tues 15 Aug 1-5pm
Tues 22 Aug 1-5pm
Please note: This is the same workshop delivered on a choice of 3 dates.

Venue: Hebden Bridge Boxing Club directions here

Friday, June 9, 2017

Beginner's crash course starts 28 June

3 hour course over 3 Wednesays
Our 3-part, crash course in boxing for beginners, starts Wednesday 28 June at 6.15pm. There are 3 sessions over 3 weeks covering the basics:
  • how to stand and move around like a boxer
  • throwing straight punches onto a target
  • holding focus pads for a partner
  • general exercises used in training sessions to strengthen the body
  • skipping and bagwork

Who's it for?
  • Anyone who's new to the sport/ Box 4 Fitness
  • People who've tried out our Boxercise, Bootcamp or Circuits sessions and would like to improve their punching technique to get more from their training
  • Anyone looking to try out boxing from a fitness perspective (this is a non contact course)

Photography by Charli

Benefits of boxing training:

Stress busting workout that is both fun and satisfying

Increased fitness, self confidence and physical strength

Boxing training can be a positive way to channel anger, aggression and is proven to help with the symptoms of depression

Watch our video here

Booking only (limited to 10 people)
Wed 28 June,Wed 5 and 12 July 6.15-7.15pm,
£30 for 3 sessions (Payable online or in cash at the gym)

Like and follow our facebook page  and message us through there or text 077 3243 3243

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Introducing the Foundation course...

Starting next month, we're trying out a new Foundation Course in response to requests from people who can't commit to our 8 week Beginner's Course.

What is the Foundation Course?

  • a bite sized introduction to boxing fitness - 3 x 1 hour sessions over 3 weeks
  • teaches you the basics you'll need to safely take part in Box 4 Fitness classes

Who's it for?

  • anyone who's new to boxing fitness and wants to join one of our regular drop in sessions 
  • people who've never thrown a punch, or hit focus pads or a bag
  • those already coming to training sessions but struggling with technique or hurting themselves through improper technique

What will you learn?

  • how to stand, move around and throw punches like a boxer
  • basic exercises and drills we use regularly in the gym
  • how to hold focus pads for a partner and how to safely hit a punch bag

Dates and cost? 

Wed 28 June, 6.15-7.15pm. Wed 5 & 12 July, 6.16-7.15pm

£30 for 3 sessions (payable by online banking or in cash). This includes 1 free session pass so you can try out a drop-in class timetable here.

Photography by Charli

How to book

  • like the Box 4 Fitness Facebook page and message us there
  • text Kate 077 3243 3243

    Limted to 10 people per course

Friday, April 28, 2017

Beginner's course starts Saturday...places still available

We still have places left on our beginner's boxing course that starts tomorrow at 11am. This is an 8 week course open to girls (11+) and women only. You can read more about the course here

Course fee is £65 or FREE if you are a female aged between 11-19 and live in Mytholmroyd.

If you'd like to join the course, like our facebook page and message us there or come to the gym tomorrow at 10.45 directions here.

Check out our new video

See how we train
We're pleased to share our latest club video with you, shot mostly during one of our Bootcamp sessions that run regularly on Monday nights. If you've never been before, the video gives you a good idea of what goes on in our gym and shows the variety of people that train with us.

Click here to watch the video

Most Box 4 Fitness sessions are female only (11+) although we do have a mixed Circuit class on a Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. So we have younger and older people, some are fit, some aren't, some are boxers, but mostly, they're people who just want to get fit and enjoy the training. We're not an exclusive gym, we welcome everyone, regardless of your level of fitness.

Thank you Charli
The video was kindly put together by Charli Palmer of Photography by charli who recently started training with us. She's primarily a wedding photographer but has talents in many areas including video and illustration. Check out her website for more info.

We hope this will encourage you to take the next step into the gym and come and join us.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Join the Valley Warriors - sign up now for a discount!

Valley warriors 2017
For those interested in joining the Valley Warriors team for Total Warrior this year, please follow the link and sign up to get the latest discount.

  • Choose the 4-15 team members option which is currently £60.80 per ticket
  • The current discount ends in 2 days (Thurs 13 April)

Please let us know via the facebook page once you've booked.

We'll arrange transport etc closer to the event itself.